Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cap and Bucky in 28mm

Several years ago a miniature company released a cool set of figures of Captain America and Bucky circa 1940s.  Naturally, unlicensed figures of iconic characters was probably not a good business move and they quickly pulled them from sale.  Unfortunately, I did not get a set when they first came out and I figured I would never get a set.  In fact, I cannot even remember the name of the company that made the figures.

A few years pasted and I was surfing eBay and low and behold there was a set.  I had to have these figures and I won the auction.  Now I can't remember how much I paid but I think it was about $25 for the set so not a bad deal.

Then I let a few more years pass and I have now finally completed the paint jobs for these figures. 

Now that they are painted I need to figure out what to do with them.  I have been thinking of some rules for Bolt Action.  I can also see these guys making it into some pulp games.  We will see.


Unknown said...

like how they turned out

Tim Kulinski said...

Okay man, now I need to get off my butt and paint up the Red Skull model. I guess this will be a good time to show you how to play Pulp Alley now. Off course Cap will kick the crap out of whatever I put in front of him!

Good job man, glad to see them done.

Neil Scott said...

turned out very nice

Dagreenskins said...

I could see them in a Bolt Action game. Pulp Alley would work better making them stand out as super heroes. They look great.

Tom O said...