Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SAGA 7 Point Anglo-Dane Army

A few months ago I rebased some of my old Gripping Beast figures from my WAB Saxon army.  These were painted many years ago and haven't been used much for the last 7-8 years.  I did some touch-ups and weapons swaps for SAGA but they haven't changed much.

Anglo-Dane warlord.  I actually rebased this one a long time ago with the intent of making him the general for my Hail Caesar Saxon army.  He will be used for both games.
One point of Huscarls with great axes.
One point of Huscarls with great axes.  This and the unit above are usually run as a single 8 figure unit.  They are very dangerous in numbers.
One point of Huscarls with hand weapons.
One point of Huscarls with hand weapons.  These two are usually combined for one 8 figure unit.  Not as dangerous as the great axes but more survivable.
One point of Ceorls.
One point of Ceorls. 
One point of Geburs.  I find levy troops to be a waste for most SAGA armies and the Anglo-Dane fit that pattern.  These are only really useful against cavalry forces.

I have played several games with this army and done pretty well.  Lately my regular opponents have started to figure it out and are no longer surprised by their tricks.  They are kind of anti-Vikings.

This is probably the last of the dedicated SAGA forces I will do for a while.  With two completed forces I am set for this game.  I will continue to paint Dark Age stuff for Hail Caesar and also Kings of War but those will be multi-based figures specific to those games.


Jerry said...

Nice job! If I ever play against this army I would be surprised by their tricks. Hell I'd be surprised by my own army's tricks!

Jason Meyers said...

The warband is looking good. I still have a bunch of Foundry Vikings myself and plan to initially paint up 8 with double hand axes and another warlord so I can run Anglo Danes as well. That will eventually grow into a warband of its own, etc. but the whole collection will double as a Hail Caesar army eventually too. Prefer to do multi figure based armies, but will make the best out of having 16-20 models on unit bases.

Phil said...

Nice looking group, they look fierce and beautiful!

The Kiwi said...

Really great looking collection. Nice painting and great selection. cheers

Unknown said...

Will I see them Friday? Looks good Rob.

Rodger said...

Excellent work. They look great!

Robert said...

Thanks for the compliments!

@Jerry - You need to play this game more!

@Joe - I will have them out Friday.

Tom O said...

Great looking force Robert.