Friday, December 4, 2015

Frostgrave Warband

Over the summer several local gamers got excited about the Frostgrave Nickstarter.  The rules and background looked interesting and I was intrigued by the same skirmish fantasy setting.  I was not excited enough to jump into the pre-order but I did purchase the rules as soon as they became available.  Since I was not sure how the game would play or if it would catch on with my regular gaming friends I decided to build a warband on the cheap.  Basically, I raided my figure collection and bashed up a few models.

My wizard is from the Games Workshop plastic Empire Wizard box.  I am not sure if this set is still available but it is a really nice kit.  There are enough parts for two models with lots of leftover bits.  I had originally purchased the set to build inquisitors for =][=munda but that project never got off the ground.

From the same Empire Wizard set I built my apprentice.  This could easily be a proper wizard in hos own right but until I find a better figure he will have to do.

My Men-at-Arms are built from Wargames Factory Saxon Fyrd/Viking Bondi bodies, arms and heads.  One has a plastic Gripping Beast arm and shield.  There are also some Warhammer Fantasy parts as well.  If you look through the Frostgrave rules you will se lots of Wargames Factory figures used as the base for some cool models.

The archers are also Games Workshop figures.  This time we have plastic Rangers of Middle-earth figures from the Lord of the Rings line.  These are unconverted and fit well with the other figures.

Next are a couple of Thieves.  The first one id a plastic Gripping Beast Dark Age Warrior with the dagger hand taken from the GW Empire Wizard set.  The hands are clearly different sizes but having a gimpy hand likely drove the man to thievery in the first place.  The other figure is from the GW Giant set.  This is a plastic figure straight from the box.  Thieves are generally cowards so perfect.

Finally we have a War Hound.  This is a metal model and I think it is made by Gripping Beast but I am really not sure.  He is a big beast!
I am glad to have this project completed.  I really just did a quick and dirty paint job and I am now glad I did not spend too much time on this.  It seems this game is DOA with my group of friends so I might never use these guys.  Too bad as the game looks like a lot of fun.


Dean Vuckovich said...

Why did the game become DOA? I remember reading on the forums how excited a lot of you were for the game. Are the rules not any good? I was debating it also but was waiting to hear from all of you :)

Robert said...

Hi Dean! I don't think there is anything wrong with the game I think people's interests just moved on before anyone was ready to play. I think I am the first of my friends to complete a warband. The game seems really good and there is a group playing at IO that are having fun. It still seems to me to be a game worth getting into if you have a group of interested players.

AHunt said...

Great looking war band. I love how you sourced your models from all over the place.

Ed Allen said...

Nice warband. Give it a go. We started playing right away with old fantasy figures painted up for D&D or Warhammer or whatever. I've played with several people now. It does seem to be a game that some people don't like much, and others enjoy it. Curiously, in part I think it is having hitpoints in a swingy combat mechanic that psychologically gets people. Guys that wouldn't blink at a figure going down when the basic mechanic is a GW-pattern roll to hit, roll to penetrate, roll to save or die are bugged when their 10-14 HP figure goes down in a lucky hit or two.

The campaign rules are rough, but easily amendable. The Bad Karma variant is one pretty good patch on it.

Tom O said...

My issue is that Tim is painting all of my figures, so I don't have my warband yet! I do plan on playing.

Tom O said...
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Dagreenskins said...

Rob they all look great. I have not dropped the game just trying to finish other projects before taking this one on. I am just a slower painter compared to you and Tim.

Adam Jones said...

Don't give up. It is a great game and worth the time. If nothing else, get a couple of warbands together yourself and keep the enthusiasm going! I've had a couple of games with re-purposed Warhammer miniatures and have enjoyed it immensely.