Saturday, December 26, 2015

Flames of War Desert Fort

After months of waiting my local shop got my Desert Fort and the expansion set in.  Earlier this year, when Battlefront announced they were going to do another production run of the desert fort I got really excited.  I missed this the first time around and they have been selling for $120+ on eBay so getting a new on for the retail price could not be missed.  I decided to order this from the shop rather than directly from BF.  I knew this was risky as the shops are generally the last to get anything and any shortages hits them hardest.  In the end it all worked out fine, other than having to wait several months.

This should see some time on the table for early WW2 North Africa battles and also for Arab-Israeli Wars.  I really can't wait for an excuse to use it.


Unknown said...

That's Great Rob.

Tom O said...

You could also get inspired to do some French Foreign Legion fighting Tauregs :-)