Monday, February 5, 2018

Black Powder ACW Point-match Game

Yesterday Tim and I tried out a game of Black Powder using the points from the Glory Hallelujah! supplement.  We tried this with 700 points.  This gave us forces of about three brigades with a total bout about 11 regiments and two guns.  The cool thing about the points is the ability to customize units with special rules and modified stats.  After creating lists we threw them on the table for a quick game.

The battlefield had a central farm complex surrounded by fields.  Tim had an orchard on his side while I had a partial fenced field on my side.  The far end had some light woods
The center of the Confederate line was help by a poor quality brigade.  Low command value and unreliable troops would mean the Confederates would have a tough time getting them to move.
The Union left was help by Eastwood's brigade.  This small brigade was comprised of three 'uppity' regiments. They had a small 12lb battery in support.
The battle opened with a Union blunder.  Eastwood's brigade ended up moving to the right and slightly forward rather than forward to the left to attack the objective.  This movement would make the center a little crowded.
The Confederate right formed an 'L' that threatened to crush Eastwood's brigade like a walnut.
After failing to move in the center the weakest Union brigade, Melvin's brigade, succeeded in advancing and capturing the objective on the right.  This brigade is filled with unreliable and low stamina units and the commander is below average.  All they would need to do is stand and fight to hold their objective.
Back on the Union left the Confederate vice closes in on Eastwood's brigade. The 76th Penn made a brilliant maneuver in close proximity to the enemy to get to the flank of the Confederates.  Unfortunately, we were using the GH special rule that prevents a unit from firing after 2 or more moves. 
Their position was perfect for a brutal dose of enfilading fire but they could not get the volley off in time.
The rebs charge the shaken 114th Penn and do no damage!  The fight would continue for another round.
The 76th Penn charged the flank and the slaughter would be enormous.  The rebel unit would be completely destroyed.  The first losses of the battle.
Back on the Union left Brigadier Melvin attempted to have the 10th Indiana pass through the shaken regiment in front but the order was blundered and the 10th would advance all the way to the enemy.  Fortunately the Confederate units were already disordered and so were unable to take advantage of the mistake.
Gibson's brigade got bogged down for most of the battle trying to get to the farm compound.
The 10th Indiana was able to withdraw back to the brigade but this opened the flank to the Confederates who were quick to take advantage.  This left Melvin's brigade nearly surrounded.  The Confederates would pour on the fire and Melvin's Brigade would break under the strain.
Eastwood's Brigade broke after two volleys of enfilading fire drove the 5th New York back.
Gibson's Brigade finally captured the farm just as the flanks of the Union army collapsed.

The day would go to the Confederates.  This game was a lot of fun.  I think the points approach will work very well for fun games and maybe even a campaign.


Tom O said...

Great report!

Robert said...

Thanks Tom! Not sure it is a great report but it sure was a fun game.

Tim Kulinski said...

I will second that it was a great game, the Glory Hall rules about not being able to fire if you do more than one move really makes you think about what your doing.