Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Necromunda Underhive Goliath

As many of you know I am a huge Necromunda fan.  When I heard it was going to have a new edition I knew I was going to jumping in with both feet.  The last time this game got a new edition I had a really crappy attitude and took a bit of a hard line against it.  I was a first edition purist.  Looking back this was a HUGE mistake and one I am determined not to make again.

The group shot of the 10 Goliath miniatures that are included in the game.  I built these as depicted in the game.  These miniatures are stunning!  Really, these are some of the best I have ever worked with.

Skullshank - the leader

Grendel with a rivet gun

Splitter Korg with the Renderizer

Bonesnapper with a combat shotgun.  It doesn't really look like a shotgun to me.

Brakk with a stub gun and a spud jacker...No I do not know what a spud jacker is.

Drago with a stub cannon

Kruger with a grenade launcher

Nox the Ripper

Rork withe stub cannon.  This is my favorite figure.

Varik with a stub cannon

I have managed to get in a couple of games of the new rules.  Right now I have been focused on the 2D game using the tiles and the contents of the base game.  It is actually really fun.  I am not a big fan on the layout of the rules as things tend to be scattered all over.  I also think the overall artistic quality is not up to the standards of the original game.  The art work is really sub-par for a GW publication and the almost complete lack of pictures of painted figures on cool terrain is really strange.  It really gives the game a rushed out the door feel.


Tim Kulinski said...

Wow man, those look awesome!!! Now get to the gang I use!

Mike G. said...

They look great Rob. I found the 2d rules to be really fun. Makes me have less interest in the 3D rules. Universal Head created an awesome quick reference sheet. If you are unfamiliar with his stuff, let me know and I will email it to you. You won’t need to reference the rulebook again.

Tom O said...

Nicely done!

Robert said...

Thanks for the comments guys!

Mike G that sounds very useful. The reference chart that comes with the game is really not very good.