Friday, March 2, 2018

Killa Kan Reinforcements

As I mentioned in my February Work in Progress #1, I need more Killa Kans for my Orks.  I had three more of these in my Ork project pile that I have had for years.  For this set I built a Big Shoota, a Skorcha and a Rokkit Launcha.  The Skorcha is a bit of a risk as it throws out one of the strengths of Killa Kans - higher BS value.  I thinks it will be a good trade-off.

Three new kans.

Big Shoota

Rokkit Launcha


All six of my Killa Kans.
With 2 Big Shootas, 2 Rokkit Launchas, a Skorcha and a Grotzooka to choose from I have some cool list options.  Right now I am thinking of running them in 2 units.  Unit 1 will be anti-big creature, vehicle and high toughness.  It will have 2 Rokkit Launchas and the Grotzooka.  Unit 2 will be anti-troop or hoard.  It will have 2 Big Shootas and the Skorcha.  With this many options I will have to experiment with the combinations.  Heck I might just run them as one big, six kan unit.

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