Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Swiss 1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment

I really needed a break from all the ACW painting so I decided to paint a unit of Warlord plastic French line infantry as Swiss.  This is the 1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment Suisse.  There seem to be some different interpretations of the uniform for this regiment.  For this project I went with the more popular which is red and blue with yellow piping.  For the the 2nd Battalion I will go with the red and blue with red piping - a simpler and cleaner look.  I really like the ease and simplicity of these figures.

My only complaint with the Warlord French set is they only give you enough figures for 7 elite company figures.  With the way most people build units you end up short one elite company figure. Since I build my units as 24 figures I end up with 8 extra fusiliers.  The root of the trouble is doing one sprue with three fusiliers and one elite.  This is just bad and wasteful design.  I acquired a bunch of these boxes in a trade and I pretty sure I will never buy any more.