Friday, April 13, 2018

Da Bosswagon!

I have had an unbuilt Ork Battlewagon in my model stash for several years.  The plan was to get an Ork Battlewagon upgrade sprue and really deck it out.  The problem was this project was never a priority so I never ordered the upgrade.  That changed a few weeks back so it was finally time to make this dream a reality.  I present Da Bosswagon!

Here we have Da Bosswagon! fully kitted out.  It has 4 Big Shootas, a Lobba, a Killkannon, 'Ard Case and a Deff rolla.

This is actually the first Battlewagon model I have assembled.  My other two were already built when I acquired them.  I really enjoyed building it but it took a lot of time to build.

While the assembly was time consuming it was really nothing compared to painting time.

My other two Battlewagons were painted several years ago and I kind of forgot how much work goes into an Ork model of this size and complexity.

I am extremely happy with the pay-off, however.  I think it really turned out great.

I wanted to be able to change up the configurations so the model was built in a modular fashion.  Here we have the Grabbin' Klaw instead of the Lobba.

Here we have an open-top configuration with 4 Big Shootas.  Great for dropping a big mob right in the middle of the fight.

This configuration has a 'Ard Case, Grabbin' Klaw and no dakka! 

Da Bosswagon with a couple of friends.  Ready for some killy good times!

My other two Battlewagons also have the same modular weapon design so I can easily switch parts between the three for endless configuration options.


Dagreenskins said...

Look great Rob, I need to get to work on mine just waiting on the new codex to see how they might change some of the units.

Robert said...

Thanks Mike!