Monday, April 30, 2018

Warlord Games Michael Wittmann Tiger

My Warlord Games Michael Wittmann Tiger is finally complete.  This is another item for my Point 213 game that I have had in the works for a long time.  Wittmann will be an emergency reinforcement unit in case the British get Tiger kills early in the game.  He probably will not see action in that game.

This is the original Warlord model.  It is made of resin and metal and even though it is not a very old model it seems so out dated.  These older resin kits just can't hold their own against the new plastic stuff.

The turret does not fit very well and the over-sized gun is too heavy.  This causes the turret to tilt forward.  On the table it is not really noticeable but it kind of jumps out in these pictures.

Again that turret tilt jumps out.  
You may have noticed the turret number on this tank and you might be thinking that's not right, Wittmann had Tiger 007/  You would be right, 007 is the take usually associated with Wittmann and, in fact, it is the Tiger he would die in.  But for the Villers-Bocage battle his tank was broken down and so he took over 212.


Tim Kulinski said...

Looks good man, so is there anything else we need to do for the game?

Phil said...

Impressive, very impressive!

Robert said...

Thanks for the comments!