Saturday, August 1, 2015

North West European Farm Complex Completed

I finished by 15mm North West European Farm Complex (15S-EAW-S2).  I have a little more than 8 hours in this project.  Like the other 4Ground kits I have built, you really have to like building models as these can be pretty challenging.  Below are are few pictures of the completed complex.  I am planning to post up more detailed pictures of each of the 6 kits that make up this set.

I really love this set.  It was expensive, but I think it really is a good value.  It will make a great center piece for my Flames of War games and is basically a stone fort.  I would love to see 4Ground release damaged versions of the main buildings.  I would certainly buy those if available.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

North West European Farm Complex Unboxing

Today I took delivery of my next 4Ground project.  I have only built on 4Ground kit to date but I was very impressed with it and knew I would be adding more to the collection.  This time I went with one of the bigger multi-building kits - 15mm North West European Farm Complex.

This kit is actually 6 separate kits on one box.  There are 5 buildings and one wall set in the kit.  Each kit has its own bag and its own instruction sheet.  I have yet to start work on these but I will very soon.  I am sure I will document a few of these as I build them.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Frostgrave Wizard and Apprentice Assembled

I am pretty interested in the Frostgrave game.  I was not interested enough to do any of the pre-order stuff but I will pick-up the rules from Amazon when they come out in a couple weeks.  The game is centered around a wizard and his apprentice and a small war band.  I have no idea yet what I want to play but I am thinking of a summoner.  Kind of a religious zealot summoning demons and such.

These are made from the Games Workshop Warhammer Empire Wizards plastic kits.  I am not sure if these are still available but pretty useful.

The Wizard and his apprentice.

 Not much to say about this right now.  Much more to come once I see the rules and get a better feel from what I am doing.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

P'Lugah Tan'kim Progress

My Israeli army for Flames of War is slowly taking shape.  I have assembled the first 8 tanks, 4 M50 and 4 M51, shermans.  I have several Jeeps to assemble next and I am still awaiting my Sho't from Battlefront.  I really like the M51 Isherman models.  These are some amazing models.  It would have been nice to see some stowage variation or even some extra bits to break up the uniformity a little.  The M50 model is not quite a cool.  Part of it is it is a really ugly tank.  But the hull of this model is a little odd.  The front is clearly from the M4A1 Sherman but the rear looks like it is from the A3.  It does not have the fully rounded hull they is typical of the A1 and the model is a different hull from the M51 kit.

I have already decided that I will be expanding this force.  I am thinking of using my US Easy 8 Shermans as Israeli M1.  Most of the M1 tanks were based on the M4A1 cast hull but there are lots of pictures of M4A3 based tanks as well.  This will work nicely I think as they would not require any conversion work.  Battlefront recommends using the M4A1 WW2 kit and using the HVSS tracks to model the M1.  To me this poses too many problems.  First the M4A1 lit lacks the fenders for the wider HVSS tracks.  Then there is the problem of the muzzle break - the M4A1 kits does not have it and the E8 does.  These are key features for me and just cannot be left off.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

28mm Desert Trenches

Early next year my local game group is hosing a large Bolt Action event.  This is a themed event based on the North Africa campaign of late 1942 to mid 1943.  I have committed to doing one table of terrain for the event this is the first part of that project.

I have had these trenches in my collection for several years.  I purchased them from my friend Tom who had had them painted by my friend Tim.  The original paint scheme was much darker and more of a European terrain feel.  For the desert this would not work so a repaint was in order.

The original casting had lots of divots and craters in them that never really looked right to me so I took the opportunity to fill most of them in.

My collection includes several different shapes of trenches as well as gun pits and emplacements.

In all the collection will do about 3 feet of trenches which is pretty good as the typical table is 6'x4'.  I had thought these were manufactured by Ainsty Castings but after reviewing their web site I am not longer sure.  Perhaps they are out of production.

Also part of this collection is a large sandbag bunker.

This is a very large peice but I am not sure if it is technically part of the trench system though it works well with it.

The top lifts off allowing access to the interior.  It is large enough inside for a gun team as long as the base is not too big.

I have only used this set once or twice in all the years I have had it but I suspect I will find it more useful in the desert colors.  This scheme also matches my 40K Ork basing.

Stay tuned for more on this project.

UPDATE:  These are made by Armorcast and can be found at

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mitchell's Marauders Assembled

I finally completed the assembly of my Mitchell's Marauders set from Battlefront.  This phase of the project took a little longer than expected for a couple of reasons.  One is the fact that the British 18lb guns in this set a are very delicate and fiddly.  It took WAY too long for me to get these assembled as I had to do one part at a time and allow the glue to cure fully before moving to the next part.

Another reason this took so long is my father passed away at the end of May.  This was a shock to the whole family and has impacted my ability to focus on 'fun' stuff.  Things are better now but tragedy has a way of bringing things into perspective.

As for this project, it is likely headed to the shelf for a while.  I have a few other items that I need to get done so this is the end of the WWI stuff for now.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Brookhurst Shopping Trip

My wife and I celebrated our 26th Wedding Anniversary last weekend with a short trip to California.  We usually only make it over once a year for the 4th of July but decided a bonus was in order.  Part of any trip to the LA area is obligatory stop at Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove.

While the budget for this trip was not as large as times past there was still good stuff to be found.  I was happy an sad at the same time as Brookhurst is selling off their store stock of Flames of War for 25% off.  This meant great deals on this trip but since Flames is one of the main things I shop for future trips will not be as sweet.  Such is life.

I was able to get the first of my Israeli tanks for my Tank Company I have had planned for a while.  I also found a German 105mm Artillery battery for my late war German infantry army.  And finally I found a couple of packs of US Air Landing 105mm artillery for my recently acquired 82nd Airborne army.

All and all a good shopping trip but a little bittersweet.  I am sure I will find some reason to spend money on future visits.