Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SAGA 7 Point Anglo-Dane Army

A few months ago I rebased some of my old Gripping Beast figures from my WAB Saxon army.  These were painted many years ago and haven't been used much for the last 7-8 years.  I did some touch-ups and weapons swaps for SAGA but they haven't changed much.

Anglo-Dane warlord.  I actually rebased this one a long time ago with the intent of making him the general for my Hail Caesar Saxon army.  He will be used for both games.
One point of Huscarls with great axes.
One point of Huscarls with great axes.  This and the unit above are usually run as a single 8 figure unit.  They are very dangerous in numbers.
One point of Huscarls with hand weapons.
One point of Huscarls with hand weapons.  These two are usually combined for one 8 figure unit.  Not as dangerous as the great axes but more survivable.
One point of Ceorls.
One point of Ceorls. 
One point of Geburs.  I find levy troops to be a waste for most SAGA armies and the Anglo-Dane fit that pattern.  These are only really useful against cavalry forces.

I have played several games with this army and done pretty well.  Lately my regular opponents have started to figure it out and are no longer surprised by their tricks.  They are kind of anti-Vikings.

This is probably the last of the dedicated SAGA forces I will do for a while.  With two completed forces I am set for this game.  I will continue to paint Dark Age stuff for Hail Caesar and also Kings of War but those will be multi-based figures specific to those games.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Perry British 8th Army Support Teams

I added a few support teams to my British 8th Army.  These Perry minis have really grown on me and I am looking forward to working on more of these great WW2 models.

First up is the Vickers team.  This is a four man set but for Bolt Action you only need three.  This will allow me to re-purpose the extra figure for some other function.  These figures are so small the gun and both crew easily fit on a 40mm round base.

Next is the 3" mortar team.  Like the Vickers team this is a 4 figure set where only 3 are needed in the game.  I will be using the spotter figure as an artillery observer and the Vickers commander will fill in as the spotter for the mortar.  Again, the figures are so small I was able to easily fit three figures and the mortar on a single 40mm round base.

Lastly is the Perry 6 pdr gun for the 8th army.  This model is really beautiful but a little fiddly to build.  The gun and the entire crew is on a three inch base.  For Bolt Action I only need three crew but I decided it looked better with all four figures.  Make no real difference for game play, just treat the team as having three wounds.

I have a few other items for this project so stay tuned for more Perry goodness.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

27th Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

This installment of the Napoleonic French project has the first and second battalions of the 27th regiment.  It so happens that between Warlord and Victrix I had both battalion flags.  This is the only regiment that I have more than one battalion flag for so I had to do both.

Like the other installments these figures are all Victrix.  The next batch is likely to be Warlord but it will be a ways away.  Time to take a break from these guys.

1st Battalion 27th Regiment

1st battalion command

1st battalion grenadiers

2nd battalion 27th regiment

2nd battalion command

2nf battalion voltiguers

The 27th regiment

Sunday, October 4, 2015

No Man's Land - A Great War Battle Report

Tom and I got together yesterday for our second Flames of War Great War battle.  The scenario we played was No Man's Land.  Tom had picked his own set of trenches so this was a good excuse to get them on the table.  The forces were the same lists we used for our first game but this time Tom would play the Germans and I took the British.

This is an interesting scenario and very different from other FoW scenarios I have played.  The table is divided into quarters.  Each player has a trench line on their side.  The main deployment zone for each player is from their trench line to their table edge.  The Germans would be the attackers and the British defending.  Each side placed an objective in no man's land and near each friendly objective is a patrol platoon.  The goal is to capture the enemy objective while defending their own. 

The initial deployment.  Germans at the top with a platoon of HMGs, reinforced with AT rifles and grenatenwerfers.  The German patrol was deployed in no man's land to the British right.  Backing up the German patrol was an A7V tank.  The British are on the near side with their patrol to the left.  The British trench was empty except for the commander and 2iC.  The British did have three HMG pits, 2 to the left and one right, and 2 18 pdr pits, one center and one far left.

The German patrol with the A7V in support.  As the attacker the Germans only had to hold half of their platoons in reserve and could start with a tank on the table.  The German trench was also well manned with support weapons running the entire length.

The British patrol starts near their friendly objective and supported by guns and HMGs.

The first couple of turns had the German and British patrols moving towards each other in no man's land.  The Germans were more aggressive and moved to attack.  German flamethrowers did their damage but their assault was repulsed by defensive fire.

At this stage both the Germans and the British were tempted to make very bad moves.  The British thought about continuing their advance on the German objective but corrected switched to the defensive lead by the CO.  The Germans were then tempted to advance into the British trench to flank the HMG pits.  They wise stayed on mission and move to capture the British objective.  The stage was set for an epic struggle.

For a couple of turns the British and Germans engages in a brutal fire fight and assault.  The Germans made many saves but the British were not so lucky.  The Germans wiped out the British patrol and left the CO alone in no man's land surrounded by Germans.  The British needed to get two kills to trigger a platoon test and the Germans would need to fail two motivation tests to prevent the Germans from winning.  This was a lot to ask considering how well Tom had been rolling all game.  Against all odds the British fire triggered the needed test and Tom failed the first test and then the re-roll from the company commander!  The fight would go on.

Meanwhile, the British reserves were slowly making their way onto the battle field.  They were well positioned to capture the German objective as long as they could make it across the wire and the German reserves didn't get there first.

The German reserves enter the battle and make good speed to secure their objective.  But before they could clear the trench line they came under sniper fire and the German officers could not get them to advance any further.

The German A7V, guarding the objective, was knocked out by fire from the 18 pdr.  All that was needed was an aggressive advance by the British and the battle would be won.  The British Mk IV tank bogged on the trenches but the infantry was able to advance.  Avert skillfully crossing their wire the British secured the objective and won the battle!
This was a great battle that was moving strongly in the German's favor until the last turn.  Tom's failure to unpin his reserve platoon along with the British veterans easily crossing their wire spelled doom for the Germans.  Frankly, this battle should have been over on turn four with the fight in no man's land but my luck really turned at that point in the game.  So far we have had two really good games of WWI and I must say I think Battlefront has done a really good job.  I can't wait to get the official release and start working on an American army.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Another French Battalion

Just over 4 years ago I painted my first unit of French troops for the Napoleonic era.  I was pretty excited at the time to finally be working on a long dreamed of project.  My local group's discovery of the Black Powder rules had several of us excited about jumping into a big project.  Well, that dream slowly faded into the background and several of my friends moved on from the idea.

1/8 Line regiment.  The figures are Victrix and are still my favorite of the plastic figures.

I never gave up on the dream of doing Napoleonic Black Powder games and have been slowly adding models to the collection and the paint queue.  Today I finished the second French battalion for this project.  Sadly, at this rate I will be too old to actually use them once I have enough painted for a game.  That just means that I need to get on the ball and get some stuff painted!

My entire painted French Napoleonic collection.  1/8 line regiment and the 1/2 line regiment.

I still have a couple of friends who have an interest in the project so things are not hopeless.  In fact, I am working adding a collection of Russians.  These will take a back seat to the French as you can't have a proper Napoleonic battle without the French.  It feels good to get this project back on the paint bench.

I have two more Victrix line battalions assembled and in the painting process.  Once those are done I will paint a commander and a gun and have a brigade ready for action.  I would like to have this phase done by the end of the year.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ork Painboy and Grot Orderly

It was exactly a year ago that I painted my last 40K figures.  After all the Flames of War I have been painting I needed a break.  This Painboy and Grot Orderly set has been sitting on my to do shelf for a couple of years.  It was just the thing to clear the painting pallet so to speak.

I also painted an ammo runt but I just could not get a good picture.  Now, back to something more useful.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Late War German Grenadier Company for Flames of War

My late war German grenadier company is finished.  This marks the second complete Flames of War army I have painted in the last 30 days.  I have bee collecting figures for this army for almost a year, maybe a little longer.  A standard grenadier force has been a project I have wanted to do for a long time and it feels good to get this one done.  It will actually see a lot of table-time as a mid-war force for our upcoming Kursk campaign.

This is the company command and the 2iC.  The command figures are Battlefront from the Open Fire set.  The panzerschreck team and the snipers are metal figures from Peter Pig.  I will eventually add the mortars.
Grenadier platoon 1.  These are all plastic Battlefront figures.  I really fell in love with these models while painting them.
Platoon 2 is just the same as platoon 1.
Platoon three is also Battlefront plastic figures but the panzerschreck team is metal figures from Peter Pig.
The grenadier scout platoon is made of Battlefront plastic figures.  I had two starter sets worth of models so the extras went to the little platoon.  Not sure how useful it will be in the game but I will find out.
The HMG platoon is metal Battlefront figures.  When I decide to add a second HMG platoon I might use PSC.  That would allow me to built two platoons of mortars as well...
Battlefront plastic PaK40 platoon from the Open Fire set.  These are nice models but a little flimsy on the barrels.  Hopefully these hold up on the table.
Battlefront NW42 Nebelwerfer battery.  The NW41 is probably more common but just about every German army in Flames of War has nebs.
German 10.5cm leFH18 howitzer battery.  The models are by Battlefront and are really nice.  The scenic bases make the painting and assembly a little more challenging but the results a great.  In all my years of playing FoW I am not sure I have ever seen German artillery.
Opel Blitz 3-ton trucks.  These are transports for the gun and artillery platoons.  I am pretty sure I will never need more than these 4 trucks.
This is a picture of my entire late war German collection.  This includes everything from this post as well as all my LW tanks I have painted over the years.  No Fallschirmjagers, however.  That is a totally different collection.
This is not everything I have for late war but it is a fully functioning army so I am calling this done.  I still have a company of Panther A to paint sometime.  It think it is time to switch gears for a while and work on something a little bigger.