Saturday, April 9, 2016

Flames of War Great War German Regimental Support Platoons

These are not quite the first miniatures I have painted this year but pretty close.  My new PS4 and Fallout 4 are really sucking up the fun time so production, so far this year, has been way off. Hopefully, I am turning the corner and will be getting back to painting and posting.

I am planning a GW game tomorrow (first one in a few months) and I wanted to increase the German fire-power a bit.  They have had trouble against those veteran British and hopefully this will even things a bit.

I have a few more items to paint up for this collection but I am not sure when I will paint more.

Monday, February 15, 2016

First Steps into Infinity

So, after nearly 10 years of watching I have decided that this is the year I will get into Infinity.  Since the beginning of the game I have been interested in the models (and maybe the back ground but mostly the models).  The problem has been that the first two editions suffered from a nearly incomprehensible Spanish-English translation.  This meant that you were unlikely to figure out how to play the game on your own - you needed to have someone who already knew how to play teach you.  But if you did that you still did not know how to play the actual game just that person's version of the game.  With the third edition of the game those issues seem to have mostly been addressed.

As with any new endeavor I have taken my time and tried to find the best way to jump in.  The incredible diversity of the factions and the rules for the various armies has really made this tough.  Where the hell to begin?  My first thought was the Operation: Icestorm starter set.

This is a really great starter set that includes rules, miniatures, dice, counters and terrain.  At about $120 it is not bad as starter sets go.  There were a few reasons I chose not to go this route.  The first is it was redundant as one of friends already has the set.  The second is that the set does not include the complete rules but a trimmed down starter rule set.  This probably shouldn't be that big of a deal as the full rules are available for download.  Another factor was that this box did not contain the faction I was most interested in starting with - Ariadna.

After playing Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the PS4 I really wanted to do something that had the look and feel of the near future Black Ops setting and the Ariadna forces fit that bill perfectly.  With the recent release of the new USAriadna figures and rules this seemed the natural place to start.  I purchased the army box (pictured at the top of the post) and a box of Tracktor Mul.

The USAriadna set includes 10 figures (9 normally but my set has an extra bonus figure), terrain, counters, dice, rules for the army and background information.  It also includes the quick start rules for the game.  The Tracktor Mul box has two models.  The initial investment was nearly $180 (thank God my wife does not read my blog).  The models are absolutely amazing and are much nicer than most of the other Ariadna models.  The drawback to this approach really comes in with the other items in the set.  The quick start rules are a complete waste of paper in this set.  Since you can download the quickstart or full rules there is not much point in including them in this set.  This is especially true when you realize that the QS rules do not tell you how to build a force, or what the weapon rules are.  You literally cannot open this set and play the game with what is included (not without guessing and making stuff up anyway).

There are three special scenarios included in the set but these are also not usable with the set.  Each of the scenarios require 300 point armies and a 4'x4' table but you only get less than half the amount of terrain required and only about half the points required for one side.  It just can't seem to decide if it is a army box or a starter set.  In addition to these issues it is tough to determine at times what is what in regards to models and rules.  This is very evident in the Devil Dogs models.  This is something that you can make an educated guess at but there is nothing that just spells out what is what.

I don't want to sound negative because I am really excited about getting into this game.  Just be warned that even with the improvements with the current edition there still seems to be lots of room for interpretation as to how things should be done and what the designers meant when writing the rules.  At this point I will be reading the download rules, building and painting models.  I plan to purchase the rules soon and I will certainly have to make a few more miniatures purchases before this is ready to hit the table.  I am fairly sure this game will be one where we break the 'no unpainted miniatures' policy so that we can start to learn the rules.  Stay tuned for more...

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Where did the time go?

Well, it is the last day of the month and, other than my thoughts on the year ahead, there has been no action on the blog.  I have played 7 games of Flames of War so far this year.  Nearly as many as all of last year.  These were all either prep games or tournament games at Shifting Sands 2016.  The event was a real blast and I loved the Blitzkrieg theme this year.  I think early war is my second favorite era for flames.  Sadly, I took no pictures and there will not be any battle reports.

Most of my time, lately, has been taken up by Fallout 4 on the Playstation 4.  Damn good times but an unbelievable time sink!  Wow is all I can say.

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 - Thoughts on the New Year

It's that time of year again.  A new year and another chance to step back from the hobby and take stock of where things are going.  I do this every year and every year I wonder if it makes any difference.  Probably not but it is still fun and good for the brain cells.  So here goes!

Flames of War - World War II

The old standby will be back and, hopefully, stronger than ever.  Things get started quickly this year with the Shifting Sands 2016 event in just a couple of weeks.  This two day event is themed on Blitzkrieg and I will be playing a French tank company.

Late last year I tried to get a Kursk campaign started but things did not workout.  I would like to revisit this idea early in the year and see if I can get this going. If this gets going it will likely inspire me to get started on a Soviet force.   have been collecting models for a long time and I really need to get something usable painted up.

I also have a winter themed German Panzer army that needs to be completed.  This is my 11th Panzer division December '42 to January '43.  I have tons of models built and most of the base painting done.  The winter camo is tougher to pull of than I thought be I need to buckle down abd get this done.

It looks like Battlefront is targeting Q1 for the long awaited release of the Pacific War books and I must say I am pretty excited about this.  I am not sure if I will do more than start buying stuff for this but it will be on the radar.

Flames of War - Great War

I really like this variant of the Flames of War and I really want to keep this game going this year.  I have several units to paint for both the British and the Germans.  I would also like to add Americans this year.

Flames of War - Fate of a Nation

I must complete my Israeli tank company this year.  No excuses, I just need to get this done.  Then I need to get in some games.  Once that has been accomplished maybe I will start working on an Egyptian army.

Bolt Action and 28mm WWII

Bolt Action will see some table time soon as preparations for the Gathering in the Desert Operation Torch event go into full swing.  This event is in February.  The event and prep will account for several games but after that I am not sure where this game will go.  I have been thinking a lot about jumping into the Pacific for this game.  I would love to build armies for Guadalcanal.  I would like to get in more games of Chain  of Command this year.

Black Powder

I expect this year will go similar to years in the past so I will try and keep the expectations low.  I need to keep painting items for the ACW and, with some luck, I would like to get an ACW game in by April.  A couple of my friends and I have set a target of May to run our first Napoleonic game so I need to keep painting French to make that happen.  Warlord games will be releasing an ACW book this year so that will, hopefully, help spur interest in getting the game on the table.

28mm Fantasy Gaming

Kings of War will be played this year.  I plan to continue rebasing my WAB Dark Age collection for use in this game.  I might try and get into my first KoW tournament this year to see how that works.

Frostgrave needs to be played.  If I can get in some games that will be a win for the year.  I do need to collect and paint more monsters for encounters and scenarios.  I also need to get some terrain for the various scenarios.


I expect this game to be played a lot this year.  I would like to put together a Norman force and a Rus force this year.  This is another game I would like to add some period specific terrain items.  This might be the year that I delve into the Crescent and the Cross.

Hail Caesar

Every year I make bold predictions for the game and every year I do basically nothing so I will not make any predictions this year.


My collection of ships for this game continues to grow but I don't really play it.  I just want to get in some games this year...more than one.  If that happens, then the year will be a success.

Wings of Glory

I got the rules for my Birthday last year and I added some planes and a play mat to the collection.  I have only played the game once and that was a couple of years ago.  I have always love the image of WWI bi-planes swirling in dog fights!  I want to expand my collection of planes this year and get in some games.  I might also collect some WWII planes specifically for the Pacific.

WWII Naval Gaming

I have been thinking about getting into naval gaming for some time.  The Pacific War in particular is very interesting.  I have been looking at Victory at Sea and maybe 1/1200 scale ships but I might just go with the 1/2400 GHQ stuff.  Not sure about this but I have a dream of doing Guadalcanal campaign in the air, on the sea and on land...

28mm Sci-fi

I have not played any sci-fi games since my last 40K game 3 years ago.  I would love to get back into sci-fi/near future gaming this year but I am not sure where to go.  Several friends are jumping into Beyond the Gates of Antares and I also like the look of Infinity.  I am very influenced by the style of Neill Blomkamp and the visuals of Black-Ops III.  I have also found inspiration in  the latest movies of modern special operations.  I might just buy some cool figures and do some painting to see where this takes me.  Stay tuned...

Other Stuff

Modeling and painting will, obviously, continue to be a major part of the hobby for this year.  I doubt I can match the painting figure from last year but I would really like too.  I have a HUGE pile of unpainted stuff and I would love to clear that out so that I can minimize the guilt of buying more stuff. 

I have several terrain based projects, other than the ones already noted, that I need to address this year.  This includes new woods for 15mm and a cool Monte Casino piece I have had for a couple of years.  I need to get a Cigar-box mat for the Bolt Action event next month. 

I would like to get back to a regular gaming schedule with my friends this year.  Last year, due to a variety of factors, was kind of random when it came to what I was playing, when I was playing it and with whom I was playing.  Variety is a good thing, for the most part, but I really like to keep the projects I am working on limited to maximize my productivity.  Ironically, last years issues with getting in regular games actually helped me do more painting and modeling as I spent less time actually playing games.  I want to game this year.

Let's see how this all turns out...let the fun begin!

Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Year in Review

As this is the last weekend of 2015 it is time to look back at the year that was and take stock on how things went.  Back in January I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do and now I need to see if I had any idea how things would turn out.  If this year is anything like most my prediction are not likely be worth a hoot.

Black Powder

I had big plans for Black Powder this year.  Ironically, they are the same big plans I have had for this game the last several years, namely, play more Black Powder!   I really hoped to get in 3-4 games this year but the epic size of the battle we put on really makes it a challenge to do it very often.  In April we managed the only game of the year.  It was a large ACW battle based on the Chancellorsville battle.  You can see the battle report here.  This was the first game where we used a pre-planned scenario rather than just a meeting engagement.  The battle played out great and everyone had a blast.  Ironically, the planning that went into the scenario seems to have intimidated others in the group who might want to host a game (at least that is the excuse I have heard).  We thought about getting in another game earlier in the month but holiday schedules would not allow it.

On the painting front, I made lots of progress with both the ACW collection and with the Napoleonic French.  I an particularly happy about the French as I really did not think I would get back to painting these this year.  I managed to add three battalions to the collection and I have more in process.  All in all it was a good year for this game but not as good as I had hoped.

Bolt Action (and other 28mm WWII)

Bolt Action did not see much table time this year.  We played a couple of games of Tank War using 15mm miniatures as a test of the rules.  It was fun and probably deserved more play.  I also got in a couple of test games with my new British 8th Army force.  I am planing on playing in the Gathering in the Desert Operation Torch even next February and I have been working on the army.  Not much else to say about this.

I did play one demo game of Chain of Command.  I have been wanting to try this game since it was first released.  I had a good time and really liked the rules.  The mechanism is no were near as elegant as Bolt Action but I think it makes for a more tactical game.  It is certainly much less predictable.

As for the painting and modeling I got a few things done.  All of the items are for the 8th Army project.  Pretty slow year for 28mm WW2 but I did manage to do what I thought I would do.


SAGA turned out to be the most played game of the year, with 20 games in, which is a real shock to me and not at all what I predicted in January.   The local player base has been slowly expanding and we had a non-tournament tournament in May with some new faces.  I really love this game and it has inspired me to get back into dark age gaming as a period.

I built two dedicated SAGA armies this year - Vikings and Anglo-Danes.  These armies are mostly re-purposed miniatures with a few newly painted figures to fill the ranks.  It was a very good year for this game.

Hail Caesar

Well, I played in one game this year but I did not get my stuff on the table.  I did some painting and basing for this project but that is about it.  I just keep falling short on this.

Flames of War

OK, where to start with this one?  This is probably my favorite game right now and it has been for the last few years.  I had high hopes for this game this year and the results were a bit of a mixed bag.   From a game play standpoint this was nearly a failed year.  I played in a late war tournament in the spring and played a couple of prep games before that.  I ran a few small point games in preparation for a Kursk campaign I had hoped to run.  In the last week I managed a couple of early war games.  That is it. Eleven games total.  This is a game that has been around 30+ games a year for the last couple of years.  What happened?  Well, mostly, it was changing interests and perhaps a little burnout as well, not on my pat but on the part of my regular opponents.

As I mentioned above, I planned to run a Kursk campaign using a modified version of the campaign system Tim and I used for our El Guettar campaign from a couple years back.  I had six players, including myself, lined up - 3 Soviet and 3 German.  I reworked the campaign rules and planned out the valid army lists.  We were all set to get started and then schedules collided.  I pushed the start date back 2 months and schedules collided again.  So I cancelled the campaign.  I might revisit this idea in the future but for now it is DOA.

On the painting front I was very successful this year.  I had planned to paint my German grenadier force and I did it!  This was a huge army that includes lots of infantry as well as artillery.  I am really happy to get this one completed and I had hoped to use it for a mid-war force for the Kursk campaign but that did not pan out.  As it stands I have yet to play it.

The things I were able to do, gaming and painting, were all good and lots of fun.  I guess my real complaint isn't the quality of the fun but rather the quantity of fun.  I really hoped for so much more.

Flames of War - Great War

Tom and I decided to get this game on the table once the new book was released.  I painted my Germans earlier in the year and ended up painting the British army in a week so we could play the game.  I managed to get three games in this year and they were all a blast. I think Battlefront did and excellent job capturing the feel of 1918 while keeping a very playable game.  This is done mainly through sensible special rules for the armies and the environments as well as very well thought out scenarios.  My friend Al also has an interest and he has played a couple of games.  To me this is really its own game and worthy of being tracked and discussed on it own.  I rate this is a smashing success for the year.

Flames of War - Fate of a Nation

The 1967 War is a period I really want to get on the table.  Ever since Fate of the Nation was released I have been excited about this project.   My goal this year was to complete my Israeli Isherman force.  I did manage to purchase and assemble the entire army.  One set of tanks had some huge quality issues and it took 10 weeks for replacement parts to arrive.  This has slowed the project considerably.  Base colors have been applied and one test paint job completed but that is about it. This has been a bit of a disappointment for the year.

Fantasy (Frost Grave and Kings of War)

I had no specific plans for Fantasy gaming this year.  It has been something that I have wanted to get back into but never really had time for.   The Kings of War 2nd edition was a perfect opportunity to get into a game I have always been interested in.  This year I managed to rebase many of my remaining Dark Age models into bases compatible with KoW or Hail Caesar.  I painted several more models to help replace the one used for SAGA.  Using my existing historical collection made it easy to get this game on the table.  I only managed three games but they were loads of fun.  The rules are easy and the game is quick.  Just what I like.

The announcement of the Frostgrave rules this summer stirred up lots of excitement with my friends.  I felt certain that this would be on the table before the end of the year but sadly it has cooled off.  I managed to paint a wizard and his war-band and I purchased the rules and the campaign book.  That is all there is to say about this game.

I would rate this year as a success for Fantasy gaming if for no other reason than I actually did some.


I had not stated any specific terrain project plans for this year but there is always something that needs to be added to the terrain collection.  In the early part of the year I added some much needed 15mm WWI items.  Theses were all Battlefront items from their Great War line.  I also purchased the Gale Force 9 river sets.  These will be used mostly for Flames of War but can be easily used for 28mm games as well.  In the summer I added the 4Ground European Farm set to the 15mm collection.  After months of waiting I got my Flames of War Desert Fort set.  I have wanted one for years and I am really excited to finally have one.  I made several purchases for a 15mm woods project.  This would have to be considered a good year for terrain projects.

Star Wars

I really thought this was going to be a good year for Star Wars related gaming.  I had ideas of expanding by X-Wing collection and jumping into one or two other games.  With the pending release of Episode VII this seemed like a shoe-in.  Turns out, other than buying a few new X-Wing ships and playing one game, this year was a bust.  I should get in a few more games on New Years Eve but even that will not change the fact that this was a disappointing year for Star Wars.

Pike & Shotte

No real plans were on the table for this game but I thought something might happen.  Turns out nothing did happen.

Blogging and Social Media

With my increased painting production for the year the blog has made a nice turnaround.  I did manage a few battle reports but not as many as I would have liked.  Turns out that the amount of pictures and notes needed to do a good report really takes away the focus from the game.  My hobby is gaming and not blogging so I shouldn't feel too bad about this I guess.

In April I launched my Twitter account - @Drunken_Samurai.  I never had any desire to have a Twitter account but a couple of my friends use it regularly for their hobby activity and I felt I needed one to not be left out.  I am not sure it was worth it but it is mildly interesting.  I use it mostly for in progress posts that are not worth putting on the blog.  I have been following some cool gamers and seen some really neat stuff.

I have also been following more and more game related groups on Facebook.  I am not a huge fan of how Facebook does things but in the end, for social media, you have to go where the people are.  I am also on Google+ but that seems to be where the people aren't.


Models Assembled year to date (includes cleaning and prepping metal figures):

28mm Napoleonic - 24 (14 cavalry, 2 guns)
28mm ACW - 137 (24 cavalry)
28mm Dark Age - 33
28mm WWII - 13 (1 tank, 1 gun)
28mm Fantasy - 10
15mm FoW - 210 (20 tanks, 2 half-tracks, 8 jeeps, 9 guns, 2 caissons, 1 Objective)

Total - 426

Figures painted year to date:

FoW - 440 (13 guns, 4 trucks, 2 jeeps, 2 caissons, 5 tanks, 2 objectives)
28mm Dark Age - 65
28mm ACW - 57 (2 guns, 1 caisson)
28mm Napoleonic - 76
28mm Fantasy - 9
28mm Misc. - 2
28mm WW2 - 14 (1 tank, 1 gun)
40K - 3

Total - 666

Game Record to date:

FoW 4-5-2
FoW GW - 1-2-0
Bolt Action 3-2-1
Black Powder 0-1-0
Hail Caesar 0-0-1
SAGA 13-7-0
Chain of Command 1-0-0
Kings of War 1-2-0
X-Wing 0-1-0

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Flames of War Desert Fort

After months of waiting my local shop got my Desert Fort and the expansion set in.  Earlier this year, when Battlefront announced they were going to do another production run of the desert fort I got really excited.  I missed this the first time around and they have been selling for $120+ on eBay so getting a new on for the retail price could not be missed.  I decided to order this from the shop rather than directly from BF.  I knew this was risky as the shops are generally the last to get anything and any shortages hits them hardest.  In the end it all worked out fine, other than having to wait several months.

This should see some time on the table for early WW2 North Africa battles and also for Arab-Israeli Wars.  I really can't wait for an excuse to use it.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Rubicon Models A15 Crusader

I have been really excited about the new Rubicon Models line of 1/56th scale WW2 for a long time and now I have finally built my first kit.  I bought this a few weeks ago from my local game store.  This is the armor back-bone for my Perry British 8th army project.  I have had it on the table a couple of times and it makes a perfect addition to my collection.  I might even buy a couple more for Tank War. 

The model comes in a nice glossy box and looks like a proper model kit.
The back of the box give a nice over view of the tank and some example pictures.  You can see how much I paid for it.  You can get these online a few dollars cheaper with free shipping.
A real bonus for a gaming model is the inclusion of this excellent decal set.  This alone adds about $5 of value to the kit.
The instruction sheet is just like you would get in a proper model kit.  It is very nicely produced and accurate!
There are three sprues in the kit.  You cam make one of 5 different versions and not matter which you build you will have a bunch of leftover parts.
Here is the model fully assembled.  I built the Crusader III and it took about an hour an half to complete.
I sprayed the model in a base coat of flat tan. 
Next I painted some dark brown camo patches.
There is lots of different ideas about the camo colors on British tanks in North Africa.  This probably should have been black but I prefer the look of the dark brown.
After the camo I did a drybrush with a light tan color.  I not very good a drybrusing anymore - need more practice.
After the drybrush I added the decals and then did a wash of light tan.

I really love this kit and I can't wait to buy some of their others.  They are easy to put together and designed to be handled.  I don't thing there will be any issues with these as game pieces.