Monday, August 11, 2008

US Infantry

Here we have 39 US Army soldiers painted in just under a week. Obviously speed painted and dipped but I think they look OK. I needed to get these done for an Italy 1943 camapign that my friend Tim and I will be starting soon. I really only need the weapon teams but I figured I might as well paint them all while I have the paint out.

This first group is the contents of the Crusader miniatures US Army box set. Twenty-four figures that i will use to fill out my platoon HQs and create a Company HQ.

Next is the .30 cal LMG teams.

And finally we have the 60mm mortar teams. With these done I now have almost a full strength US Infantry company - about 130 figures. All the figures are from Crusader and are very easy to paint. They are a great deal from Crusader Miniatures USA and if you are a memeber of the Old Glory Army you get an additional 40% off!


Tom O said...

Great stuff as always Robert!

Mike G. said...

They came out nice Rob.

The Inner Geek said...

These guys look nice. Kinda makes me want to watch Band of Brothers.

Unknown said...

They look great, where did you get those?

Robert said...

These figures are available from Crusader USA -

They are manufactured in the US by Old Glory.

Admiral Drax said...

Wow - these models are great! are they for any particular gaming system?

- Drax

(Please don't look down on me for just indulging in GW - I simply haven't the disposable income to branch out at the moment!)

Robert said...

Admiral Drax,

These can be used for several different WW2 games. I am using them for my own rules that are inspired by 40K and Lord of the Rings.

No need to feel bad about liking GW here.