Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Assault Marines and More

Today's feature is a squad of Assault Marines for my Daemonhunters/Space Marine army. These are the old metal assault marine models from many years ago. I got them in a trade from a friend a few years back and have finally gotten to them. To be fair I did start painting them a couple of years ago but life kind of pushed these to the back burner. My friends and I are going to be starting a 40K campaign in the coming weeks and this is the army I will be playing so it was time to get them done.

Careful examination will show that there are a number of different parts on these models. I hesitate call them conversions but I guess they are. I used a number of parts from the new plastic Chaos Space Marines as well as some bits from the original plastic Space Marines. Take note of the pistol bayonets on a couple of the models.

I also added a Chaplain with a Jump Pack to lead these guys. This is another old model that has been slapped together with some Khorne Berzerker bits and a metal jump pack. This figure has a few layers of paint and is starting to loose some detail but I think he still looks good.

This model will nor be used in the Daemonhunters army but he will be an HQ when played as a straight Space Marine force. I have several more items in the queue for this army. Next up will be the new Terminator Librarian model (if you are not familiar with 40K Librarians are very dangerous not like our modern librarians). I also have a couple of the plastic Terminator from the new box set. These are the ones that will be included in with this month's White Dwarf. The first battle in our campaign will involve Terminators so I need to get these done soon.


The Inner Geek said...

Nice looking Marines. There's something about seeing the older models fielded that makes me smile. Nostalgia?

SketchbookGaming said...

Ditto, very nice looking Assault Squad.

And you can never go wrong with a Chaplain.