Thursday, June 4, 2009

40K Skirmish - Random Thoughts Part 1

I have been wanting to do some Necromunda style skirmish gaming in the 40K universe for some time but I haven't wanted to do the rules conversion. It seemed to me like either 40K or Necromunda would require too much tweaking to really make this work. That was before 5th edition came out. After playing several games of the new rules I realized that 5th edition is already a 1 to 1 skirmish game. I just does not need to be changed much to do this.

The other night I sat down and tried out a few ideas on how to make this work. Below is the beginning stages of this idea.

Turn SequenceThe basic turn sequence is unchanged from the 5th edition rulebook.

Movement RulesThe basic movement rules are per the 5th edition rulebook.
Disregard the unit coherency rules.
Each figure is treated as an independent unit.

Shooting Rules
The basic shooting rules are per the 5th edition rulebook with the following changes.
Sniper Rifles – target must take a Pin test if hit but no wound is rolled.
Wound Chart – If a target takes an unsaved wound roll on the following chart for the wound effect.
1 – No Effect
2 – Go To Ground
3 – Go To Ground
4 – Wound
5 – Wound
6 – Wound

Thrown Frag Grenades – Frag Grenades are Assault-1 STR-3. They are a blast weapon and use the small circle on the end of flamer template. To Hit is as per blast weapons but roll only 1 d6 for the deviation distance. Range is the length of the flamer template.

Assault RulesThe basic assault and close combat rules are per the 5th edition rulebook with the following modifications.
Ignore the rules for Assault grenades.
Figures that have Gone to Ground, or are Pinned, and are assaulted will recover immediately but they will fight with I=1 on that round of combat.
A model may break-off an assault in their next move phase if their opponent has be forced to go to ground in that Assault phase.
Models must charge the model that they shot at in the Shooting phase unless the target was wounded or forced to go to ground. In this case the assaulting model can assault any target model in range.

Give these ideas a try and see what you think. Next I will look at ideas about force selection but for the most part I think you can do whatever you want. These kinds of games are great for narrative campaign games with mighty heroes and whatnot.


Unknown said...

Being fairly new to gaming, i have never played any skirmish or Necromunda type of game.
I like what your describing though and i will see if i can give it a try sometime.

David The Archmage said...

Have you ever checked out World in Arms? It's got a pretty good rules set for the sort of game you're describing.

Tristan M said...

A friend at my FLGS found some great skirmish 40K rules online. I forget the name right now, but I'll find out tonight and let you know.

Tristan M said...

NM, guy above me posted it. HA great minds and all that jazz.

Unknown said...

Test out the rules and so far I like it. As far as the wound chart though does it apply to close combat and if so what happens if a model goes to the ground in combat?
Also any thoughts on exp and serious injuries and the like. I did take a look at world in arms rule set and they are pretty good but I would prefer a more 5th edition rule set.

Robert said...

@Evan - If a model takes a wound in close combat they are out of the game if it is their last wound.

I should clarify that the shooting wound chart is used only for the last wound on the models profile.