Friday, June 26, 2009

AOBR Ork Nobs

I have decided to start a new army and here is the first unit. I have managed to acquire a couple of the Assault on Black Reach box sets. So far I have only been worried about the Space Marines in the set but the Orks have been calling my name.

These are the five Nob models from the set painted up as Death Skulls. Orks provide a unique opportunity for modeling and customizing. And let's face it, the models are cool.

The basing is not done yet because I can't decide what to do. I should come up with something after a few more models are painted.


Shelexie said...

Wow! These look great! I like the orky skin tones you got and the axes also turned out really well. Nice!

Tom O said...

Very nice as always Robert!

BigLee said...

Very cool.

28mm Painter said...

I am digging the blue on these Orks, definitely not the normal fare and it seems to work well. Good work!