Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Imperial Guard Veterans

A few weeks ago I acquired some additions to my IG army from Kyle, a local gamer. Included in the deal were these very nicely painted IG Vets. There were 19 of these guys, painted and ready to go.

Kyle did some excellent skin tone work on these models. I needed to paint one additional model to complete two squads of veterans. I tried to match Kyle's style.

While I like how my one model turned out I was not able to match the smooth tones of Kyle's work.

This one model inspired me to paint a third squad so I could try and get the skin tones down. I tried several different approaches and colors but I was unable to get the smooth transitions. I really like how these guys turned out but they are just not quite right.

I really like trying to figure out how other painters do things. No matter how good a painter gets they can always learn something new. I certainly have lots of opportunities to learn about miniature painting.
Anyhow, all this has made me want to paint up a Catachan army. These figures will initially be used in my Cadian inspired IG army but I have enough figures (about 140) to do a full Catachan army.


Kyle said...

Thank you so much for the compliments. I think for the skin tones on those it was simply Tallarn Flesh, followed by a wash of I'm guessing Ogryn, then another layer of Tallarn leaving some of the shading. Simple but effective, which is what I'm all about.

I just noticed this now, havn't been doing the blog thing as much as I'd like.

Robert said...

Thanks for the tip! I really need to try the GW washes more. I have only used one color and that is for my Orks.