Friday, June 4, 2010

More Ork Progress

I have slowly been making progress on my 40K Ork project. I have finished the first mob of Boyz and decided on a basing style. I actually decided on the basing with the Killa Kans but I am now adding it to the rest of the army.

I have gone back and finished the basing on the Warboss and the Nobz.
So far this army is coming together. It is taking time but I am having fun building and painting the models.


sonsoftaurus said...

Looking good and lucky!

Carl Woodrow said...

They look great. You have really nailed the weathered look yet kept the bright colours without them being gaudy. The pale base colour really makes them pop too. That is going to be a great looking army when finished. Nice job!

IntereoVivo said...

I'm really enjoying your Orks. After I finish up another 500ish points of DE I'm hoping to head toward a Waaagh! of my own. I'll be looking to you for some inspiration when that time comes.

Keep up the great work.