Sunday, November 24, 2013

French Napoleonic Project

A couple of years ago I started on a French Napoleonic project.  I manage only a single battalion completed at that time.  This project got a little side tracked in favor of the ACW project for Black Powder.  Now that we have a few BP games in it is time to get the Napoleonic project back on track.

My usual game group have settled on the 1813 campaign as our focus.  I am working on French for the time being.  Once these are painted up I am planning on adding some Warlord and Perry plastics to the collection.

If everything goes as planned I hope to get a big game together for late next summer,  Stay tuned for painting progress.


Scottswargaming said...

Bets of luck on your project... I have always meant to start properly on a British force. but it always gets bumped down the painting queue... I think its the mass of figures required that puts me off, and my gaming group are not especially active in this era...

Dagreenskins said...

I pulled my Brits out and looked at them today.