Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mitchell's Marauders Complete

A week ago yesterday my friend Tom and I decided to try out Flames of War Great War.  I had all the stuff for the game but my British Mitchell's Marauders army was not yet painted.  It was assembled and on bases but no paint.  I told Tom that we would just try it out and I would just use the British unpainted.  On the way home I started to feel guilty about planning a game with unpainted figures.  That started the epic adventure of painting this set in 6 days.  We played our first game of Great War yesterday with two fully painted armies.  More on that later.

Company commander and 2iC with the company marksman.  There is no separate pack for the command you actually get these guys in the standard platoon pack.  This can be a bit confusing even for the guys at BF.

Platoon one.  Each platoon as a commander, two MG teams, two rifle grenade teams and 4 rifle teams.

Platoon two.  These are tough and flexible units.  They are much different then their WW2 counterparts.

Four Vickers HMGs.  Pretty much the same as the WW2 platoon.

Artillery detachment with 18lbs guns.  These are pretty brutal guns and very useful against just about anything in the period.

The Whippet tank.  Ugly as can be.

British Mk IV Male tanks.  These can be built as either male, with 6lbs guns, or female, with all machine guns.  I should have built one of each now I need to buy another box to get all the options.


Andy said...

Nice work. Well done.

Tom O said...

Great looking army & it won it's debut so that's a good sign :-)
Thanks for hosting the game.

Phil said...

Very nice job, well done!

Robert said...

Thanks for the comments. I am pretty happy with how this turned out. I am just trying to resist purchasing some additional units...

Cliff said...

Great looking, would never have known it was only six days to get all those done!