Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Another French Battalion

Just over 4 years ago I painted my first unit of French troops for the Napoleonic era.  I was pretty excited at the time to finally be working on a long dreamed of project.  My local group's discovery of the Black Powder rules had several of us excited about jumping into a big project.  Well, that dream slowly faded into the background and several of my friends moved on from the idea.

1/8 Line regiment.  The figures are Victrix and are still my favorite of the plastic figures.

I never gave up on the dream of doing Napoleonic Black Powder games and have been slowly adding models to the collection and the paint queue.  Today I finished the second French battalion for this project.  Sadly, at this rate I will be too old to actually use them once I have enough painted for a game.  That just means that I need to get on the ball and get some stuff painted!

My entire painted French Napoleonic collection.  1/8 line regiment and the 1/2 line regiment.

I still have a couple of friends who have an interest in the project so things are not hopeless.  In fact, I am working adding a collection of Russians.  These will take a back seat to the French as you can't have a proper Napoleonic battle without the French.  It feels good to get this project back on the paint bench.

I have two more Victrix line battalions assembled and in the painting process.  Once those are done I will paint a commander and a gun and have a brigade ready for action.  I would like to have this phase done by the end of the year.


Phil said...

They look great, well done!

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