Tuesday, January 9, 2018

21st Mississippi Infantry

My second Confederate unit completed this year!  I have already reached 25% of my painting total for all of last year, wow!

OK, this time we have my take on the 21st Mississippi regiment.  I have no idea if this unit ever looked like this but the unit names are just place holders anyway.  For this unit I decided to go with Columbus shell jackets in Butternut with blue collars and cuffs.  This is a well documented jacket from this depot.  I also went with M1862 caps.  These have blue bands and crowns, also in Butternut.  This cap was not very common but did show up from time to time it seems.  The trousers are black British imports.

Again, I have no idea if this unit was ever equipped in this particular fashion, or in fact, if any unit was.  This is, however, a very plausible combination of equipment.  This unit was a blast to paint and I really like getting away from the stereo-typical gray of Confederate troops.