Saturday, January 6, 2018

28mm ACW Union Army Additions

A couple of years ago my friend Tom decided to liquidate his extensive 28mm ACW collection.  This worried me greatly as we used a large part of this collection anytime we put on an ACW Black Powder game.  Even more troubling was that I did not have any money at the time to buy even a portion of the collection.  The good news is that much of this collection went to local gamers so we have been able to keep using much of it for our games.

Today I purchased a large chunk of the Union from a friend who had bought it from Tom.  He had not been able to participate in games and the stuff had just been sitting so he decided to make it available.  I am very happy to add these figures to my collection as this nearly doubles my Union forces and means that I am just about done collecting Union ACW.

Union Corps Commander.  I believe the banner is for III Corps but I will use it for any senior commander required for a game.  I think these are Old Glory figures.
Union Division Commander.  This will be used for any senior commander needed for a game.  The banner is actually a Pennsylvania regimental banner but it looks cool.  The figures are Old Glory.

Union Brigade Commanders.  Each of these will command a brigade.  Old Glory figures.
Union Brigade Commanders on foot.  These will be used as needed for foot commanders.  A couple will likely be painted as artillery commanders.  These are Sash and Saber figures.

Three batteries of 12lb Napoleons.  These are Sash and Saber figures.

Three batteries of 3in rifles.  More Sash and Saber.

1st New Jersey. A larger 36 model unit.  All Sash and Saber figures with unit correct flags.

2nd New Hampshire. A standard size 24 figure unit of Sash and Saber figures.  The flags are correct for the unit.

3rd Maine.  Another standard size unit of 24 figures.  All Sash and Saber with correct flags.

57th Pennsylvania.  Another large, 36 figure, unit.  All Sash and Saber figures with correct flags.

63rd Pennsylvania.  Stand size unit like the others.  

68th Pennsylvania. Standard size unit of Sash and Saber.  This is actually the second unit in my collection flagged as the 68th Pennsylvania.  Looks like I need more flags to fix this.

This is a really nice collection.  I rarely purchase painted figures but for the size games we typically play it is unlikely I would ever have added this much with my own brush.  These, I think, were painted by Fernando Enterprises and work perfectly on a table full of troops.  You see, when there are 1000+ figures on the table no one is really looking at the paint on a specific figure.


Tom O said...

I'm glad that these ended up in a good home. The flags are from GMB. Yes, they were painted by Fernando enterprises off of samples I sent; I think they came out nicely. I look forward to seeing them on the table!

Robert said...

Thanks Tom! It will be good to get these guys back in the fight!

Tony Miles said...

Enjoy getting them on the table. The first triangular flag is for the 1st Brigade, 1st Division, III Corps by the way.