Friday, January 12, 2018

Bolt Action Churchill AVRE

Another lingering project is complete and off the paint table!  This is a 1/56th scale Churchill AVRE tank for Bolt Action.  This is the plastic Warlord kit.  This model belongs to my friend Tom and I built and painted it in trade for another model.  As usual it has taken me WAY too long to get this done.  I have had this in my possession for more than a year.

The kit is pretty good but a little complicated.  There are lots of different version of this tank in the kit and I think this is the Mk V.  I am not a big fan of the tracks.  They did not really fit right in my opinion.  The end result is a nice tank that should really kill those Germans dead.


Tim Kulinski said...

Nice work buddy, looks great and happy to see it finished.

Robert said...

Thanks Tim! I am glad this is done. Now to deliver it.

Tom O said...

Thanks Robert! Looks great! Now I need to get the rest of the Brits finished!