Thursday, January 17, 2019

WWII German Cavalry

Many years ago, probably about 11 years ago, I ordered a bunch of stuff for various projects. This was actually a bout of retail therapy. During that time my family and I were going through some tough times and I was not thinking too clearly for a while.  As a result I ended up with a whole bunch of stuff that I never got to or just plain for got.

Enter my Crusader Miniatures German Cavalry collection. These are actually from the now defunct Crusader USA.  I did manage to assemble these back in the day but for about 10 years they have been in a box in my garage.  They did not do too well in the box.

The Crusader USA figures were manufactured my Old Glory and for some reason they used a much softer alloy then their other figure lines.  As a result these soft figures bent very easily especially the thin horse legs as you can see.  II was able to straighten them out but several figures required green stuff reinforcements on the ankles.

After a few days of work I now have a nice cavalry squad for my Bolt Action Germans.  I am really happy with how these turned out.  I wouldn't mind adding a few more and I really wish they would do a mounted MG34 team.

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