Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Bolt Action German Additions

One of my last games of 2018 was a game of Bolt Action against a friend with Soviets.  I though that this game would make a great excuse to get my generic German army on the table again.  This army is old, way older than Bolt Action.  I've had the army for years and used it with tons of different rules but I have not used it in Bolt Action for a very long time.  Well, I was in for a bit of a shock as it was not in the same condition I remembered it being in.  Specifically there were lots of models missing so it was bit of a challenge to put a decent list together for the game.  After the game I resolved to fix this long neglected army by filling in the gaps.

I set out to find some Crusader Miniatures Germans as they are some of my favorite 28mm figures.  I started checking eBay and watched a few auctions as my plan was finalized.  I was still a bit confused as to what had happened to the army and I gradually remembered that I had planed to update the army years ago and had sold off a bunch of figures I did not like.  Then it hit me - if I had forgotten selling stuff off what else had I forgotten.  So I set off to check the dead lead pile to see what I might already have.  And wouldn't you know it, I had basically every pack that I was currently watching on eBay.  It was like I had already worked this out once before.  Damn I hate getting old.

With my newly acquired (but likely 10 year old) stash I miniatures I set out to paint them all up.  I have 35 more Germans for the Bolt Action army.  It is pretty satisfying to have finally completed these.  And yes, they were in the same box as the cavalry and the motorcycles I recently completed.  This now completes all the 28mm Germans in my collection.










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