Sunday, February 17, 2019

2nd Battalion, 2nd Regiment Swiss

I started my Napoleonic project for Black Powder almost 8 years ago.  I had really high hopes for this project and I had several friends that had expressed interest in participating.  As time has progressed most of my friends (all but one in fact) have moved on and are not longer interested.  I have persisted, although halfheartedly at best.  With the completion of the 2/2 Swiss Regiment for my French army I now have 8 battalions completed along with 2 guns and one commander.  That is not very good considering that is only one battalion per year.  This has really made me rethink this project.  It is time for me to either put some real effort into getting a usable collection painted or just admit to myself that it is time to let it go.  One of the real problems I have is that I HATE painting Napoleonic figures.  Right up until the unit is based I can't help feeling that they look like crap and it took way to much effort for them to look that way.  Then I base them and I fall in love but not enough to inspire me to paint more.

1st and 2nd Battalions of the 2nd Swiss Regiment
Anyway, enough whining.  These guys are done and are the first completed project for Finish it February.  It feels good to get these out of the WIP pile and into the collection.  The figures are Warlord plastic French and are very functional figures.


Phil said...

Love the Swiss uniforms...and this paint job, excellent!

Ray Rousell said...

Beautifully painted!!!

Robert said...

Thanks for the comments!

Tom O said...

Well done!