Monday, February 11, 2019

Finish it February

After a very productive January, in both building and painting models, I found myself slipping into a painting slump.  I was unable to find a project that inspired me so I decided I needed to change my approach for February.  "Finish it February" is my new mantra (at least for this month).  The idea is to dig out old, neglected projects and finish them.  No motivation excuses just grab something that is already in progress and get it done.  Now I have  a lot of these kinds of things sitting around so I will have no trouble finding things to work on.  Below are just some items on my paint desk.  I have many more options out in the dead lead pile so this is not all that might get done.  I do not expect to finish all this stuff this month but if I can get a few done then this little experiment will be a success.  The real key to this is no new projects will be started this month and only items where I have already started work will be eligible.  Just because I own it is not a good enough reason to work on it.

This is the 2nd battalion of the 2nd Swiss regiment for my Napoleonic French project.  These are Warlord models and I started these last year and managed to get them primed and started on the base colors.  This is what I am currently working on.

Age of Sigmar objective set that was released last year when the Soul Wars set was released.  I bought these at the same time as the Soul Wars set and started working on the,  Ii managed to assemble them and start on the paint.  I have finished one so far this month and I have these five left.

More Ork items for mu 40K ork army.  The Deffkoptas where started early last year with assembly, conversion and paint as you see them now.  The Weirdboy conversion was started amy years ago my my friend Luke and about 2 years ago I finished the assembly.  Now I just need to finish the paint.

This is the Sigmar priest from the Warhammer Quest Silver Tower set.  I started this guy last month.

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