Thursday, April 23, 2020

Mortis Engine

When I first jumped into Age of Sigmar, back when the 2nd edition was released, I was really excited by the Nighthaunts.  Before I knew anything about the army I bought a bunch of stuff.  One of the things I bought was the Malignants Start Collecting set.  I mean, this stuff HAD to be part of the army right?  Well the Spirit Hosts were and so were the Hexwraiths, but not the Mortis Engine.  So the coolest part of the set was not usable, damn.  So it sat for a long time.  About 6 months ago I started work on it but it was quickly set aside.  During the lock down I have been focusing on finishing some of the neglected projects.  I am really glad to have this completed.  The random army selection from the General's Handbook 2019 should make this easier to include in the army.  I don't play competitively so I might just take it no matter what.

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Tim Kulinski said...

Nice, and your right, the Banshee hair color is much better in these photos, looks great man!