Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Theta-7 Acquisitus Kill Team

Panicdemic painting goes on.  What else is there, really?  Today we have the Theta-7 Acquisitus Kill Team minus Balphamus Vaulk.  We will get to him later.  These models are the Sicarian Infiltrator or Sicarian Ruststalker models.  These are actually pretty creepy.  I've not used these yet but I am really looking forward to getting these on the table.

Theta-7 Acquisitus

Exitor-Dho-668.2, Ruststalker Princeps, Kill Team Leader

Tyr-0.44//K, Sicarian Ruststalker, Combat Specialist

Sygex-7, Sicarian Infiltrator, Comms Specialist

Ix-99, Sicarian Infiltrator with stubcarbine and power sword

Dak-809, Sicarian Infiltrator, Scout Specialist