Saturday, April 18, 2009

Old School Stuff - Necromunda Terrain Part 6

Sweet! This is the last of the Necromunda Terrain pictures! What a pain but I hope you enjoy them and are inspired. This was a fun project to build and it is a fun table to play on.

As you look through these pictures keep an eye out for object you recognize. There is stuff from all over in these pieces. Obviously there are Necromunda bulkheads, which I was lucky enough to acquire a large collection of. We used a lot of PVC plastic card that were scraps from a local sign shop. There are also several plastic electrical boxes. These are excellent starting points for all sorts of sci-fi terrain. There are PCV plumbing parts - pipes and fitting of various types. We used car parts and parts from old computers and vacuum cleaners. There are GW bits and parts from HO railroad models. Each piece is based on a heavy masonite base and screwed down or glued. This stuff is extremely tough and has required very little repair in the years it has been in use.


Akozz said...

Dude :D awesome :P are those warzone miniatures ? dark legion ? Im trying to get Dark Legion Razied on auction, 32$ so far :P

Robert said...

Yeah, those are Warzone figs. For Necromunda, especially after it had been out for years, we used anything that looked cool not matter who made it. There are so many cool minis out there that are perfect for Necromunda.

John Lambshead said...

Very nice buildings.