Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moonscape and Blastscape Part 2

Work continues on the Moonscape and the Blastscape. This phase of the process requires a bottle of Liquitex Texture Gel. This is magic stuff. I use this for lots of different uses but it is perfect for terrain and basing projects. For this I want a lot of texture so I am using the Resin Sand.

This stuff is sticky and bonds to most materials well. Once it cures it takes paint well, as it should. It is not cheap stuff so use it sparingly. I have found that the gel will shrink as it cures and sometimes you may need to reapply to get the desired result.

Several of the Blastscape pieces have what I think is excessive flash around the edges. On the piece above you can see what I mean. On this piece I tried to trim some of the excess off. Turns out it was a lot of work for no real improvement. Just fill the flash areas and let it go.

Above is an example of a textured crater. This one is fully cured and ready for paint. I chose to texture just the edge but you could add as much texture as you want, anywhere you want.

Here we have all (well, not all, but most) of the pieces textured and waiting for paint.

The base coat is really important for a project like this. I chose Krylon Camouflage Brown. This paint is part of the Fusion line that is formulated for plastics. It is also one of the Ultra-Flat which makes it perfect as a primer coat.

The texture and the base coating is all done. These are ready for some real paint! I think I will focus on painting the Moonscape first as these are a little more straight forward to paint.


The Inner Geek said...

I may have to seek out some of that gel, it looks like it may be a winner!

Charles Feduke said...

My friend uses the resin sand + brown paint exclusively to base his FoW miniatures after painting them. I just cannot get over the shrinkage since the FoW figure bases are just too thick... it requires multiple coats, especially if you mix in paint. (I've since been using drywall patch, with or without paint, no shrinkage.) I am going to use the resin sand for my new 15mm Mongols though, their figure bases seem to be about 1/3 the thickness of Battlefront's.

eriochrome said...

I trimmed the edges off my moonscape craters. That took forever. I think if I get the blastscape ones I will do something like this.