Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moonscape and Blastscape Part 4

The Blastscape set is done! This entire project lasted about a week and involved several hours of prep, paint and flock. I think the investment was well worth it. As far as I know this might be the only painted set in existence! Take a look at the individual pictures below.

The Laser Burn is my favorite piece in this set. I think my lava painting turned out OK. Trust me when I say the lava does not look this good in person.

Below is the crashed pod that started all the complaints about this set. It was the piece that everyone wanted and when it did not look as good as the master model people were upset.

After working with both the Moonscape and the Blastscape sets it is clear that the Moonscape set is fantastic. I give the Moonscape set an A. It is also clear that the Blastscape set is not as bad as many would have you believe. It is not up the the standard set by the Moonscape but I still give it a C+. As you can see from the pictures if you put a little time and effort into this set you can have some very nice terrain pieces.
This entire project cost about $50 and took about 10 hours total. That may sound like a lot of time and money but you must remember that is for 10 terrain pieces that cover a fair large amount of table space.
Nothing more to say about this...except I may have to buy another set to do up to match my city ruins.


lone pilgrim said...

That's a great set of craters. Excellent panitjobs.

I just bought a set myself and I'm looking forward to painting them up. I was surprised by the sheer size of the pieces - they are good value for money despite the slightly soft features.

Tim Kulinski said...

Rob Well done, they look better now that they have paint on them.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Nice job on these, and your honest appraisal...the lack of quality on the blastscape in comparison to the moonscape is still disappointing.
I think lesser painters than yourself will have a difficult time painting there way past the obviously poor detail, especially on the last piece. You've probably made these look as good as they can- bravo.

Unknown said...

Once again great work Rob, I think the lava is spot on, great color work...

Chris McCurry said...

Either the colors on the picture or off or my monitor is on the outs...

When first saw your pictures I thought they were painted for Tyranids... they looked purple; and I was gonna say that's a cool idea.

Turns out technology is collaboration against me today.

Your set looks good. I am one of those who was disappointed with the bait and switch from GW; but I decided to keep one of the sets to use as random terrain bits.

Great stuff - keep it coming.

Robert said...


I am sure it is the crappy lighting in my garage. These are not my best pictures and the color is a little off.

Tom O said...

Keep up the good work Robert!