Friday, July 17, 2009

Storm of Vengeance - Power Plant

My recent 40K games have been smaller, scenario driven games. The types of game really allow you to use some different battlefield configurations. This has me digging through my collection for interesting stuff. I have been a longtime fan of Necromunda and the card terrain that came with that game. I have a couple of sets of it. I missed most of the 40K terrain kits that used this same approach but I did get the Storm of Vengeance scenario set several years ago. That set included this cool power plant model. This thing as been sitting in a box, unbuilt, for years but now I think it is time to get it on the table.

The kit was a little fiddly to build but not too bad. It took a couple of hours to assemble. I would really like to add the original Imperial Bastion and the outpost to the collection. I am working on my Gorkamorka Ork fort and hope to have some pictures up soon. That one is getting some extra attention and will be based and painted.

If you have one of the old 40K card terrain kits and would like to let it go, let me know. I might take it off your hands.


Tim Kulinski said...

Nice looking, I never saw this kit before, not even in any of the older WD's. Look forward to seeing it on the table.

Tristan M said...

I've got one of these bad boys all built, even painted the necro bulkheads. I do need to mount it on a base though.

Charles Feduke said...

My 3 sets of Necromunda terrain walked off when the guy we used to game with got assigned to a new duty station. :(

Something I have been looking at recently is the Hirst Arts 3/8" and 5/8" pipe molds for dental plaster (plus wooden dowels). Should make great sci-fi factory or steam punk terrain. I have a dozen Hirst Arts molds for fantasy terrain and they are a blast to cast and use.