Friday, October 15, 2010

FoW Fallschirmjager Company HQ

Today I finished the command section for my new Flames of War Fallschirmjager army. This army will be used primaraly for Tunisia and Sicily but could also do time for Crete and Italy.

First up is the Company command and the 2iC stands.

Next up are the 5cm mortar teams. These would be used for the earlier lists.

Instead of the 5cm mortars you can take the 8cm GW42 "Stummelwerfer" teams. This will be a standard unit for my army.

I don't have models yet for the standard ATR option. Below is the sPzB41 ATR team. This one will see time for Tunisia battles.

The other ATR option is the 8.8cm RW43 "Puppchen" rocket launcher. This thing packs a solid punch and will be used mostly for Sicily battles.

The figures are either Old Glory or Peter Pig.


Jerry said...

Looking good, Rob. FoW seems like a great game. I've really yet to play one game all the way thru with a real army. Maybe you can try these guys out against my US forces. Anyway, your models look great!

Robert said...

Jerry, I am just about ready for some 600 point battles. It is an excellent game and I hope you can get something going with it. Let me know when you want to play.