Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Funk

Well, it has finally set in. I was hoping that this year would be different. For the last couple of years my hobby activities have taken a hit starting around this time. The reasons for this are all very good but I will not going into details.

I am finding it difficult to select a project and keep my focus for more than a few hours. Sometimes I just don't feel like doing anything. I do have several things in the works and I am getting a little done on these. Here is a short list of my WIP:

1. FOW 8th army. I still have a few bits to finish and I should just get this done.
2. FOW Fallshirmjager. I just started this one a few weeks ago. I have lots collected and the first platoon is nearly done.
3. 28mm ACW. I have yet another regiment on the desk and it is half done.
4. LOTR Rohan. I have a few selected items for my Rohan in order to make it a 600 tournament list.
5. Beastmen. I have been painting 7 minotaurs and a Doombull. I have also put some paint on the Beast Lord.
6. 28mm Varjazi. This is an elite unit for my WAB Rus army. They have been a WIP for about 5 years.

Anyway, time will tell what of these will get the most time. I am hoping to have some new pictures of one of these in the next couple weeks. I am afraid things will be slowing down for the rest of the year.


BigLee said...

In the words of Agent Mulder's office poster "You are not alone". I think its just the time of year and the bodies first reaction to less sunlight. It's been cold and wet here in London the last few weeks and when I get home from work I just can't be bothered to pick up a brush.

Hang in there. The Funk will pass.

Tim Kulinski said...

Rob, I think you should just switch gears and do something else, pull out some funky mini and throw some paint on it. I am all about doing terrain right now so you know I will be bugging you to help.