Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More 8th Army FoW

I have finished up a few additional units for my British 8th Army Infantry Company for Flames of War. With these units I now have the ability to make my collection into an Infantry Tank Company.

First up are the Boys Anti-tank Rifle teams. These guys will give my infantry platoons some much needed AT ability. They are not great but they are something.

Next is a platoon of Scout Carriers. This recon unit has actually been in the army for a while but I just finished the paint. It turns out these carrier recon units are very pesky.

I have finally painted up the platoon commanders and the extra tank to give me two full Matilda platoons. These things are tough as nails and fairly useless against most German tanks.

The next unit is actually the company command for when I use my collection as an Infantry Tank Company. Eight Matildas on the table should be interesting.

The Boys AT teams as well as the tank commanders are Peter Pig figures and the tanks and carriers are Old Glory. The crew figures for the carriers are cut down Old Glory and Battlefront figures.
This pretty much finishes my Flames of War 8th Army collection.

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Tom O said...

Looks good Robert. I bet it feels good to "finish" an entire force. So, what's next?