Wednesday, August 17, 2011

700 Point Durin's Folk Dwarf Army Complete

I have finished the last 12 models for my Tale of Four LOTR Gamers challenge. This means the army is DONE! For this last batch I added a Dwarf King and more warriors and archers.

Here we have the completed army.

The army now consist of:

Dwarf King
Dwarf Captain
Dwarf Banner
9 Khazad Guard
15 Dwarves with 2 handed axes
16 Dwarves with bows
16 Dwarves with shields

This give me a solid core of a Dwarf Army and from here I can switch out a few models to make a different army. I still have several models in the collection to paint and I will be posting them as I get them done. For now, I am done painting these guys.


Jerry said...

These came out looking great!

Unknown said...

Well done!

Unknown said...

Nice job. I really like the Dwarf King.

Kenzie said...

Very Nice force
well done :)