Wednesday, August 31, 2011

French Test Paints

Here are the first three painted examples of my Victrix French. The painting itself I am pleased with. I used the GW Badab Black wash rather than my usual Minwax Polyshades dip. I am not very happy with that decision. As usual, these look much better in person. I still can't seem to get good photographic examples of my work.

The first is a line Fusilier.

Next is a line Voltigeur.

Last is a line Grenadier.

The good news is these will be much easier to paint than I thought. I should be able to make good time on the rest of the battalion.


Mike G. said...

Rob, what don't you like about the wash? I think they look great and makes it very inspiring to jump on the bandwagon.

Robert said...

Thanks Mike!

I don't think the black wash works well with the mostly white uniforms. It does not settle cleanly into the creases the way the dip does. I may try the Devlan Mud next (as soon as I get some).

Mike G. said...

I've been talking to Tom quite a bit the last couple of days trying to get some info about Nappys. Trying to figure out where to jump in.

Scottswargaming said...

They look pretty good to me. Couple of things: If the black wash is too harsh, try a 50/50 mix of badab black and devlan mud. I use this for nearly all the colours I paint.
Secondly, with these type of figures you are going for the mass effect in units and not so much the individually skirmishing type figure. Once you get a bunch based up together, marching behind their flag, they'll look cracking!

Tom O said...

They look fine Robert. I haven't used those GW washes, but know what you mean about not settling into the creases as I've had that happen with other products. I'll be sticking with either Minwax or future "dip". I look forward to seeing the entire unit done.

Galpy said...

they look great, I've gone away from washes on whites instead using light grey and then a watered down white then white highlight come on over have a look see what you think