Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Catachans

I continue to make good progress on my Catachan IG project. This installment has 27 more figures ready to go.

First up is a converted Sgt Harker. This was built with Catachan and Space Marine Scout bits. I think it is a pretty cool take on this character. I did not build this model.

Next we have Catachan Veterans with shotguns. Most of these were built by someone else and have cut-down lasguns as shotguns. The conversions look good. The two with the Necromunda shotguns were built by me a long time ago and I think there were meant to be Necromunda figures.

Next is a selection of special weapons. There is a demo charge, a grenade launcher chick and three converted meltaguns. The metlaguns are made from plastic flamers. These are handy conversions as meltagun models are always in short supply. These were built by my friend Tim several years ago.

Finally we have a bunch of standard troops. Most were acquired already assembled. There are a couple of figures I built using plastic Necromunda bits mixed with Catahan parts and other bits.

This now puts the painted collection well over 100 figures. I got in a few 400 combat patrol games yesterday and the figures looked great on the table even though my game-play left a lot to be desired.

Stay tuned for more. Next up are lots and lots of heavy weapons teams.

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Tim Kulinski said...

Man, I forgot about those conversions for the Meltas, I thought you got rid of those. Have to say man the army looks good.