Thursday, May 12, 2016

Israeli Sho't Platoon

Continuing on with my Israeli Tank Company, we have the Sho't platoon.  I was really excited to add these tanks to the army as they are by far the best tanks of the 6 Day War.  Their AT18 can and will kill any tank in the game.  The armor is no better than any of the other top of the line tanks of the period but the gun is great.

As excited as I am about these tanks, in game terms, I must say that the models truly suck.  The first attempt to build this unit involved hulls and track assemblies that were so warped they were unusable.  Battlefront did, eventually, make this right but it took 10 weeks to get replacement tracks and hulls.  Another huge flaw in these models is that the tracks are resin and extremely fragile.  This is the reason that they are based and ultimately the reason the entire army is based.  I would love to have more of these tanks in the army but the models are so bad I will never buy more.

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Unknown said...

sucks you have to work so hard to get them on the table. but, you've made all of it look good so far