Sunday, May 29, 2016

Steel Legion Army For Sale

I have a very large and very nice Armageddon Steel Legion army for 40K for sale.  This army belonged to a good friend who is getting out of the hobby and it was painted by my friend Tim at Saguaro Painting.  I am looking to move this collection as an army and not part it out.  I would prefer an Arizona based buyer but for the right price I will ship to the lower 48.  The asking price is $1500 and I am fairly firm on that.  See the list of models and a photo-dump below.

Steel Legion Imperial Guard Army (Astra Militarum)

1 Lord Solar Macharius
1 Commissar Yarik
1 Medic (conversion)
1 Banner (conversion)
5 Commissars
5 Power Sword Officers
4 Officers w/Chainswords
1 Sniper (conversion)
1 Heavy Flamer (conversion)
7 Radiomen (conversion)
6 Grenade Launchers
7 Plasma guns
46 Lasguns
6 Missile Launcher Teams (individual bases)
3 Missile Launcher Teams (multi based)
3 Heavy Bolter Teams
3 Lascannon Teams
5 Ogryns (conversion)
13 Storm trooper w/Hellguns
1 Storm Trooper Grenade Launcher
1 Storm Trooper Meltagun
1 Storm Trooper Flamer
2 Storm Trooper Plasma gun
2 Storm Trooper Officers
2 Armored Sentinel with Plasma cannon
1 Armored Sentinel with Autocannon
7 Chimera
1  Valkyrie (magnetic weapons)
2 Basilisk
1 Leman Rus Demolisher
1 Leman Rus Executioner
1 Leman Rus Vanquisher

I really love this army and I very tempted to keep it.  Sadly, I don't play 40K any more and I already have a Catachan army that is just about the same size.

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