Saturday, May 7, 2016

Israeli P'lugah Tan'kim HQ

After a very long production drought I am finally back to painting.  My current project is my long neglected Israeli P'lugah Tan'kim army.  For this army I am doing mostly Sherman variants to represent a tank brigade on the West Bank.  First up for this project is the company HQ of two M51 Isherman tanks.

I love the M51 models.  These are some of the best models Battlefront has put out in years.  These tanks are from the second battalion, as represented by the two stripes on the gun barrel.  They are also from the first company as denoted by the chevron on the side.  I could not find any details about company HQ specific markings so I just went with plain tanks other than the company and battalion markings.

This is a close-up of the company commander tank.  I really love the search lights.

The HQ racing across the desert.
This is just the first installment of many for the project.  I am actually very close to having this project done and on the table.