Friday, January 11, 2019

Rubicon Panzer IVH

For Christmas I received a couple Rubicon kits for my Bolt Action Germans.  The first one I built was the Panzer IV kit.  This is the first generation kit and it is a little odd in some of its design characteristics.  It was easy to build and can be built in three (four?) different versions.  It is not the most accurate model of the Panzer IV out there but for wargaming it is more than adequate. I went with the IVH version so I can use the model for '43-'45 themed games.  I wouldn't mind having a couple more kits to build the other versions but I think this one is no longer available.  Rubicon has completely redesigned this models and released a new version.  I have not seen that one in person but I expect it is excellent.

This was a very quick build and paint job and, as often happens, the photos for the blog post reveal lots of flaws that I was not aware of.  Oh well, nothing a little touch-up won't fix.