Tuesday, January 16, 2007

8th Cadian Part 1

Today's post is something a little different for me. These are some pictures of the only painted army I have ever purchased. I really wasn't looking for an army but it was rare example of being at the right place at the right time. I orginally purchased the army, sight unseen, becasue it was a good deal just for the models. I fully expected that I would need to repaint the entire collection. This turned out to be completely wrong. The army was painted by a local gamer and painter, Luke Mundy, and I was stunned at how well it was all painted.

When I picked up the army it was all dumped in a box with a bunch of extra stuff but it was clear that the quality was very good. All I did to the figures above was base them. The painting was complete.

For the Lascannon teams I painted the main guns and did the basing.

This is one of the infantry platoons. All that was needed was to complete a couple of the vox caster figures and do the basing.

The Cadian Lt above is the way I got it from Luke. I have a feeling that this is a speed painted army but the quality is as good as my careful work.

Ursarkar E. Creed looks pretty good but he does need some touch-up work. He got a little banged up in the box. I will post an after picture as soon as I finish the touch-ups.

I am very pleased with the look of the army and it is a blast to play. As soon as I finish the touch-ups on the Stormtroopers I will get some pictures posted.

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