Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ring Wraiths

Today we have some Ring Wraith models by Games Workshop. These are for their excellent Lord of the Rings miniatures game. The first model is the Witch King.

These models are very nicely sculpted and a joy to paint. Next is a "regular" Ring Wraith.

Painting was easy. I started with a black spray paint base-coat.

Next I used a silvery color (darker rather than lighter) and picked out the armor and the weapon blades.

Next I used a metallic gold color for the weapon details.

Then I used a Black-Grey color to highlight the robes. I also put some brown around the bottom of the robes for dirt.

The horse is just a single shade of brown over a black primer base. I used the same silver color for the metal parts of the barding.

These figures were actually painted several weeks ago but I just got around to finishing the bases tonight. The can of dull coat I am using turned out to be more of a satin rather than flat, so the figures have a little sheen to them. Oh, these figures have been "dipped" as well. It is really hard to tell due to the dark nature of the paint jobs.

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