Monday, January 22, 2007

8th Cadian Part 3

Next up are the stormtroopers. Luke had painted-up 3-10-man squads of stormtroopers. He also included enough special weapons for just about every combination imaginable.

There are only a limited number of poses for these figures and this is most noticeable with the Sargents. This is the stock Sgt fig.

Luke did a nice head-swap conversion on one of the sargents that really works well.

Like most everything else with this army I have only done a few touch-ups and all the basing. I did go back and re-work Creed a little. I don't know if he really looks any better...

I am on vacation this week so I hope to get several projects completed...or maybe I will just keep painting whatever I want. Either way it should be a good week.

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