Sunday, January 7, 2007

Fixing the Orcs

After receiving some feedback on my recent painting projects (this feedback was not posted in the comments for some reason), I have gone back and made some minor changes to two of the Orcs. On Gorlika I changed the color of the jacket from brown to black. I was told that the brown looked like wood due to my poor highlighting. I wasn't really happy with how the jacket came out either. On the orc assassin I added an additional level of highlight to the skin. Here is a group picture of all three completed orcs.

I do think the black jacket looks much better. The highlights are more subdued - less contrast between the shades which gives a smoother look.

Compare this with the picture of the brown jacket below. The next step for these figures is to complete the bases.


Tim Kulinski said...

Dude the Black loos alot better, good job on the highlighting, it dosn't look like wood anymore.

Also like the assasin skin tone. it also looks great...

CyberAlien312 said...

Wow, nice paint job! They look great.