Friday, May 8, 2009

8th Army Mortar Platoon

I finally finished the mortar platoon for my 8th Army infantry company. These are painted the same as the rest of the army. First picture is the platoon command.

Next is the Foward Observers. The mortar platoon gets three separate FO units which gives them great coverage of the table.

Here are the mortars. Six tubes is a lot and gives the unit the ability to re-roll misses. They also get large smoke screens which should be very useful.

Here is the entire unit minus the transports. I have Universal Carriers for transport but I am thinking that might be overkill. I am thinking that I might invest in some trucks and user the carriers for carrier platrols.

I am still working on the HMG Carriers and now that I have aquired some fresh 'dip' these will be finished soon. I am not sure if I want to paint the carrier platrol next or the Royal Artillery...

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