Thursday, May 7, 2009

Old School Stuff - SWAT and Criminals

Tonight's old school stuff is some SWAT and criminal figures from Tactical Miniatures. Sadly, Tactical when out of business but the figures are available from Armor Cast. The Tactical guys were friends of mine and so these were freebies. I also did some painting for their convention figures. These are the only Tactical miniature that I have painted for myself and some day I will get to the rest of them.

I love the criminals in the hockey masks. They 'remind' me of the bad guys from Heat, a most excellent movie.

These guy have never been used in a game but I do have plans to use them in some zombie hunts.

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TheDeathJungleChannel said...

thanks, i would buy this swat team but i never see painted before, very nice, i think buy it now :)