Friday, May 1, 2009

Old School Stuff - WAB Arabs and Saracens

It is time for the next installment of Old School Stuff! Today we have my second Warhammer Acients army - Arabs and Saracens. This army was collected and painted many years ago, perhaps 1999-2000. The figures are a mix of different brands.

The first unit is the Army General with a unit fo Ghulams. These figures are all Qualitycast, which I don't think you can get any more.

Next is another unit of Ghulams, this time the figures are from Old Glory. This unit was painted by a friend, Kevin Shope, who is now MIA (Kevin, if you are out there give me a shout). Ghulams are a must for this army. The are tough fighhters, excellent shots and have all sorts of stupid horse tricks.

The archers are also Old Glory figures. I think there was two units in this army but I can't remember. Lots of bow is a must for an Arab army.

A unit of Auxilliary Infantry is a very useful unit. As light infantry they are very quick and javalins allow them to reach out to the enemy. They are cheap too. These figures are Old Glory.

The unit below is a small unit of Arab Spearmen. This unit includes the Army Standard Bearer. The figures are mostly Old Glory with a small number of Qualitycast.

The next is a unit of Religous Volunteers. These figures are a mix of Gripping Beast and old Qulaitycast miniatures.

Not pictured, for some reason, are two units of Turkish Light Cavalry. This is a 2000 point army and was a real blast to play. Unfortunately, I sold the army to a friend a few years ago.

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